In a continuously evolving world, STEAM, or science, technology, engineering, art, and math, is a constant. From space exploration to how a door handle works, STEAM is always present in our lives, and having a strong foundation in these five disciplines is crucial to a successful future.

Why is STEAM so important to learn?

Being skilled in STEAM opens the door to countless job opportunities: STEAM jobs are expected to grow 13% from 2011 to 2027 compared to 9% from non-STEAM jobs, and earn an average of $19.55 more per hour than their non-STEAM counterparts. These jobs are in increasingly high demand, because the reach of STEAM itself is also growing.

STEAM doesn’t mean only memorizing facts and equations. Through dealing with these five subjects, you gain key skills such as critical thinking, asking questions, and communicating solutions among peers. It’s a process designed to help students learn how to navigate everyday issues.

Why it’s important to start early

Children are inherently curious. They are perpetually looking for new information and experiences, and it’s likely you won’t go a few minutes without hearing a new question. Why is the sky blue? How big is space? This youthful hunger for knowledge must be sated, or else it will gradually fade away. 

That’s where Irvine Lights comes in! Our Infinity project hosts structured hands-on workshops for kids K-8, cultivating a fun, engaging lab-style environment where students can explore and learn to solve problems on their own. It’s entirely designed and run by high-school students but backed by expert feedback. As students ourselves, we know how to capture the attention of young minds with activities ranging from hack-a-thons to engineering challenges. 

Our goal is to instill a passion for STEAM in students so they continue pursuing it on their own even if they don’t end up at a STEAM job, because knowledge gained from STEAM is integral to flourish in today’s society regardless of what career path students choose to follow. We strive to empower students with the resources and knowledge to change the world. Prepare for a brighter future with Irvine Lights!



By: Olivia Cai

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