Project Infinity

The Infinity project provides hands-on interactive STEAM+ workshops for K-8th graders.

  • Run and brainstormed by high-school students, vetted by professionals.
  • Aims to cultivate young minds, helping them develop passions and interests.
  • Functions as a "lab style" rotation, for every student to try every single activity.

What is STEAM+?

STEAM+ is an academic discipline containing foundational topics that enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Here is a sample guide to the demonstrations we provide at Infinity events.

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What differs this project from the work of other organizations?

We pride ourselves on being entirely student run. High schoolers make the curriculum on their own and deliver it to the students themselves (with review and feedback from experts, of course). We want to give kids a new perspective and relate with them on a more personal level. We look back at difficult or fun topics from our childhood and bring it back to encourage them to try more STEAM-related activities or projects at home.

How does Irvine LIGHTS benefit from this?

The mission of Irvine LIGHTS is to "empower students with the resources and knowledge to change the world." Our goal is to help the kids we teach find their passions and interests. We benefit when a student tells us, "I love science" or "Art is so fun" because it drives our organization... leading us to do more amazing things every year.

How do you get K-8 students to be part of this program?

Typically, we find our students through after-school programs that we partner with. Our most common program is Kids Club, in coordination with the City of Irvine. Every so often, we have our own events that we advertise ourselves. We like working with after-school programs because it provides a consistent number of students.

Who can volunteer at this project? Why should they?

Any high school student can volunteer at this project. If you are interested in STEAM, or would like to learn more about it, come over and get some service hours! It's fun, exciting, and an enriching experience to work with kids.

How is this even legal?

We keep all our projects G-rated and in compliance with different protection laws. If you have any questions, contact

I have a question that isn't addressed here

Feel free to reach out to the Irvine LIGHTS President, Shrey Gupta, via email: We'd be happy to address any questions you may have.